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Call or visit our showrooms with approximate dimensions of your home or business project. Bring a sketch, picture from a magazine, or choose from table base designs we have made on our website.

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What is
a slab?

Traditional board lumber is milled on a sawmill to the desired thickness. Typically this process includes “edging” which involves removing the natural contour of the log from the board of lumber. This process also involves removing any bark that may be on the edge of the boards to give the piece of lumber two straight long edges. This material can then be dried and turned into various counter and table tops or used for cabinetry and furniture, allowing you to create a square plank top or to be used in other various wood working applications.

Alternatively Local Wood offers a wide variety of Live Edge Slabs for countertops, table tops, shelving, bar tops, island tops, coffee tables, and many other applications . A Live Edge Slab is different from regular board lumber. Typically Live Edge Slabs are much wider than regular lumber and span the entire width of the log it was cut from. When milling Live Edge Slabs, Local Wood leaves the natural contour of the log on the tree, giving the board a variety of unique characteristics. These characteristics that are typically revealed can include burls, crotch grain, ambrosia intrusion, grain swirling, mineral stains, quilting, birds eye figure, quarter sawn rays, and tiger striping. Local Wood is always stocked with Walnut, Cherry, and Maple slabs. Additionally other species become available when the opportunity presents itself to responsibly harvest additional species. Come by our showrooms to select a Live Edge Slab that will bring natural beauty to your home or business.

Admire and enjoy your new Local Wood Live Edge Slab Product for generations!

Pick a desired finish for the slab from our samples. Finishes are typically a clear lacquer, that can be finished in dull or a semi-gloss sheen. Stains are available to tint the selected slab, however staining incurs additional cost to finishing the slab, and takes away from the natural beauty of the slab.

During your visit, work with one of our sales associates to specify the customization like epoxy fill, bowties, any other cuts or shaping that may be necessary, and designing a base if. Perhaps a book match slab will create the scale or shape you envision. Selecting consecutively cut slabs from the same log to create a symmetrically shaped piece achieves a width wider than that of a single slab), to complete your project.

Determine a specie(s) that will complement your color and decor. Walnut is dark with brown, purple, and black tones. Cherry is a lighter wood with red, orange, and tan tones. Maple is the lightest with blonde, tan, and beige tones.

Select ASlab

Once all decisions have been made regarding the finishing, dimensions, and accessories needed for the slab, work will commence on the piece in our shop facility.


Your VisioN



A variety of slab species, shapes and sizes available. Visit to see the current selection. Natural edge slabs are used for counter tops, table tops, and shelves. Let your imagination go wild when viewing the natural beauty of each unique piece. Select a slab and its book match for an extra large surface of natural grain beauty. Finished straight edge, natural contours, burls, knots, and color subtlety is a work of art to be brought to use everyday as a work surface.


Live edge slabs & Counter tops










Browse our warehouse for a slab based on your dimension and specie desire. Or select a unique slab that “speaks to you.”

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