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From a rustic kitchen to a formal dining room Local Wood can turn whatever species you choose into the look you imagine. From our wide selection of locally sourced flooring material Local Wood can make the perfect finish in place real wood floor for your home or business.

Wire brushed, hand scraped, or perfectly smooth to your bare feet, the finish texture is what feels best to you. The floor location use is a specie consideration. Oak is hard, some other species not so durable in a high traffic location.


Patterning in the GrAin

The character of wood grain is specific to the specie. Hickory is naturally contrasty in color and grain, as in the kitchen floor above. See the difference in the unstained  specie samples below.

Most species are available in random widths.

  • Red Oak 6” Widths or Less  $5.00—$5.90
  • White Oak 6” Widths or Less $5.30—$6.25  Character and Wormy available in both Red and White Oak.
  • Quarter Sawn Red Oak 6” Widths or Less $6.75
  • Quarter Sawn White Oak 6” Widths or Less $7.00
  • Hickory 6” Widths or Less $4.75—$5.90
  • Cherry 6” Widths or Less $5.35—$6.35
  • Maple 6” Widths or Less $5.95
  • Ambrosia Maple Available
  • Ash 6” Widths or Less $5.50
  • Walnut 6” Widths or Less $6.35—$8.00
  • Antique Oak (Mixture of Red and White Oak) Random Width Mill Finish: $7.90      Hit or Miss:   $9.00
  • Tobacco Wood (Mixture of Pine, Spruce, and Fir) Random Width, Hit or Miss:   $8.25
  • Heart Pine is available.
  • American Chestnut is available.

Open Tuesday thru Friday 10:00AM—4:30PM
Saturday 9:30AM—1:00PM

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Walnut is dark in color, maple, oak and ash are lighter in hue. You may choose a specie for it's grain and color. Or, your specie choice may be stained to your exact color choice. Oak in the photo below is stained. Light colored floors do not show finish scratches unlike darker.

Hardwood Flooring


Prices are for a minimum quantity of 400 sq ft. Prices are shown as a price range compared to other species and are subject to change.


smooth or Rough


Clear or Stain

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